• Precision Optics

    Siaon provides a full range of precision optics, including the optical components and polarization optics. Now our optical components have included prisms, lenses, mirrors, beamsplitters, filters. Polarization optics have included waveplates, polarizers, polarization beamsplitters. These products are widely used in industries, military, aerospace and other hi-tech field.

    In precision optics field, Siaon provides optical design, cold processing, optical coating, optical assembly and product inspection. According to customers technical requirement and application, Siaon will provide optimal solutions, design and produce the high performance/cost products

    Application Examples

    Technical Specification

    In order to meet customers’ requirement, the drawing of optical components is important to us. It should include the basci parameter, such as material, dimension tolerance, tc tolerance, clear aperture, surface quality, flatness, centration, size, coating, etc. If there are other requirement, we also need to know the information.

    Order Procedure

    Service Range

    • Optical Design
    • Cold Processing
    • Optical Coating
    • Optical Assembly
    • Product Inspection