• Distributor Application

    To strengthen the management of the global agents, Siaon make the agents system to ensure the smooth sales of Siaon products in the global market

    The condition to be a agent:

    1. More than 3 years in the machine vision, optical field

    2. More than 30 staffs

    3. Purchases in the first year should be $20000 at least, and additional 20% growth each year.

    4. Stable target market , customers and marketing promotion

    Application process to be a agent:

    1. Salesperson provides customer the agent application form

    2. Marketing department evaluates the agent application form and makes a decision .

    3. If customer is eligible for a agent, Siaon will provide customers discount price of all products for six months. During this time , Siaon will evaluate customer purchase quantity, types, amount, potential markets ,etc. After this time , Siaon will finally decide whether customer is as Siaon’s agent or not. If the customer is eligible for Siaon’s agent , Siaon will provide agent price and distributor authorization,etc. If not, Siaon will maintain the discount price for a period or cancel the discount price .

    The management regulation for agents:

    1. The agent’s business scope is limited in the agent area , if there are no agent in other area, the cross-regional business is permitted.

    2. Agents could disclose their target customers to Siaon so that Siaon could protect Agents financial interest in case that the customers buy directly from Siaon or Siaon’s other customers. If agents don’t disclose their customers, Siaon is not responsible for agents financial interest.

    3. Agents can’t provide their customers the price lower than 60% of Siaon marketing price,unless otherwise agreed by Siaon.

    4. If there is any default in agents, Siaon has the right to terminate the agent.

    5.Siaon will evaluate the existing agent annually so that Siaon could strength the business cooperation between Siaon and agents.

    6. Marekting Department will be in charge of the agent agreements and the agent certificate of authorization,all agent period istwo years , if agent need to renew the agent agreements , please contact with relevant salesperson.